Aixam-Bellier-Chatenet- Jdm -Mic conical headset
Tapered steering head adaptable to the following models :

Older Aixam models (all types before 400 E/S/L/SL series)

Aixam 400 I
Aixam 500 I
Aixam A540
Aixam A550

Bellier VX550
Bellier Divane
Bellier Opale
Bellier UT

Chatenet Stella
Chatenet Media
Chatenet Barooder
Chatenet Speedino
Chatenet CH26 (Gimec assembly on serial numbers 3640 to 3814 and 4338 to 4521, check assembly carefully)

Erad Spacia

Grecav Sonique (be sure to check the model)

Jdm Titanium
Jdm Albizia
Jdm Abaca
Jdm Aloes
Jdm Roxsy
Jdm Xheos

Microcar Virgo
Microcar Mgo 1 - 2
Microcar M8
Microcar F8C
Microcar Due Coupe
Microcar Due First
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